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The spacious rooms of Dubaistay are exactly what tourist highly desires. Feel the comfort level and friendly atmosphere in our fully furnished equipped with all essential amenities rooms as we offer a great selection of Villas, Apartments at very good price.

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Our excellent room selection team will make sure that every customer gets their Accommodation according to their best need. Few Apartments are usually situated near Metro, Taxi / Bus Stations, Beaches and Dubai‘s most incredible Luxurious Malls and Shopping Centers conveniently and conducive to every customer’s great demands and comfort.

Our Dubaistay team will definitely make sure that the Rooms should be at such location that anyone can easily access a variety of delicious food restaurants, fascinating well known beaches, boating, entertaining and relaxing Night-Clubs, and much more to make your Dubaistay experience memorable and remarkable than ever before.

We provide our guests with prime services and facilities during their Dubaistay to enhance their travel and Tourism experience throughout United Arab Emirates and make sure that our guests enjoy the best of all things which Dubai (Unites Arab Emirate) can offer in this fantastic futuristic and inspiring places during your Dubaistay.

DubaiStay Rooms are also very suitable for large groups as it is spacious Apartments which are perfect for Family Vacationers. In addition to this, Dubaistay will also take care about your connectivity during your trip through the provision of Cable TV, Internet or the most advanced options available at the time so you can stay connected with your family, friends, business or employer throughout your Dubaistay which also put some extra value to your memorable moments to your travel.

Our absolute quality service makes us unique in the level of perfection and professionalism in the aspect of accommodation to let you experience the most trustworthy arrangements, economic, stress less and hassle free trip. So enjoy the most luxurious, exquisite and most memorable Dubaistay with us that provide the most exciting offers of greatest accommodation.

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