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Accommodation in Dubai DubaiStay Serviced Holiday Rentals are the exact destinations if you are looking for a good furnished apartments and villas in Dubai. Our self catering apartments and villas are situated in most attractive places of Dubai like Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residency, Emirates Hills and Downtown Burj Khalifa. We got many types of holiday accommodation in Dubai like DELUXE, PLATINUM and SIGNATUREwhich are suitable for both the short term and long term periods. Our unique DUBAI FURNISHED APARTMENTS and VILLAS will […]

Apartment in Dubai The apartments of Dubai Short Stays are what you are expecting from a pioneer company for your Dubai Short Stay and after being resident in these you are going to feel a comfort level like home in our fully furnished and well equipped apartments as we offer a great selection of Villas, Apartments,apartment in […]

Service Apartments in Dubai if you are looking for Dubai hotels, Dubai apartments, Dubai hotel apartments, Dubai holiday villas, Dubai vacation rentals, Dubai furnished apartments, Dubai Holiday rental, Dubai hotel, short stay in dubai, Dubai short stay then please visit our website we have best deals on service apartments in dubai and Dubai hotels, Dubai apartments, Dubai […]

Short Stay Dubai We came through number of persons looking for short stay villas Dubai, short stay apartments Dubai, Short Stay Dubai, Ling Stay Villas Dubai, Long stay apartment Dubai through different references on web or through persons and through our years of experience we can now tell you what each honorable guests need and […]